Booking Info

How many band members do you need to book for your event?

You can book a 4 -16 piece band.


The 4 piece Landsharks Band can play any event.

The core FOUR-PIECE Landsharks Band (Includes Vocals, too!)


You can also add additional musicians.....

(In order of recommendation)


Steel Drummer

Conga Player/Percussionist

Extra Vocal Specialist 1

Trumpet Player

Trombone Player

Harmonica Player

Ukelele Player

2nd Keyboardist

2nd Guitarist

Extra Vocal Specialist 2

Baritone Saxophonist


4 piece band (The base/core Landsharks band/rhythm section with vocals, lead solos, drums, and rhythm) *the 4 piece band is all you need for a great event!


5th piece- (Saxophonist)- Adding a sax is great for almost every situation! The Saxophonist can add much energy to the band and can also be used for cocktail hours and dinner sets.


6th piece- (Steel Pan Player) The Steel Drummer is great for any Tropical or Caribbean themed event and also adds much to Jimmy Buffett songs.


7th piece- (Conga/Bongo/Percussionist) This would add even more beat and rhythm! This would be added to the rhythm section drummer.


8th piece-(Extra Vocalist) Adds much to The Jimmy Buffett show and any other style of music From the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000, 2010, and also modern music!


9th piece-(Trumpet Player) Adding the Trumpet and Sax would create a "horn section" for your event!


10th piece-(Trombone Player)- Adding The Trombone to the Sax and Trumpet would create a 3 piece "horn section" for  your event!


11th piece-(Harmonica Player) The Harmonica player adds much to the Jimmy Buffett songs and also is great for a nice, bluesy-feeling song, rock and roll, and more!


12th piece-(Ukelele Player) This would add a few Hawaiian-styled songs and more.


13th piece-(2nd Keyboardist) This would add extra keyboard parts to the songs!.


14th piece-(2nd Guitarist) This would add extra Guitar parts to the songs!.


15th piece-(Extra Vocalist) Adds much to The Jimmy Buffett show, and any other styles of music From the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000, 2010, and also modern music!


16th piece-(Baritone Saxophone Player)- The Baritone Sax player can be added to the Sax player, Trumpet player, and Trombone Player to form a 4 piece horn section.


        *The 4 piece band is all you need for a great event!


*The Landsharks will provide you with a contract.

* A deposit is required to book the band.


*Landsharks Booking Agent:

Gary Roland

(Lead Singer of The Landsharks Band)

  A Talent agent for over 15 years, Gary Roland has booked bands for events with Disney, Universal Studios, The Super Bowl, The NFL, NBC Television, Microsoft, Apple, Ford, Toyota, and too many other great companies and venues to mention! Gary is also the owner, lead singer/lead guitarist, for "Gary Roland and The Landsharks Band." Gary has played with, backed up, and opened up for Jimmy Buffett in concert at Margaritaville, opened up for the Beach Boys in concert, played The Super Bowl, and traveled the world performing and coordinating events, shows, concerts, and more!


Gary Roland

 Insured, Licensed, and Bonded Talent Agent!

FL License # 0000697


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